Our Reunion planning team met tonight and made the difficult decision to cancel the event again this year. Our local Columbia Memorial Hospital (CMH) is having to turn people away who are seriously ill as there aren’t enough beds for them. Several non-COVID deaths have occurred because patients couldn’t be treated. The ER has a ‘tent’ outside before patients can even get into the actual ER.

                We have tentatively pushed the next event until the weekend 9/10-11/22. We look forward to your input over the year with your thoughts. For the many of you who have already sent in your money we can refund it or guarantee that it will cover next years cost even if it could be more. Please let me know if you would like your money returned.

                I know this is very disappointing for ALL of us. The team has spent lots of time and effort to make our reunion another great event this year but worrying about everyone’s safety is our top priority. We thank you for your understanding and feel free to contact any of the team leads with questions/concerns.



  • Don Roessler     503.440.2528     DonCRoessler@gmail.com

  • Pat Heiner         503.325.0384

  • Cheryl Lockett   503.338.2123